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Daily LifeKeep Infants Safe in a Swimming Pool

Helen T. Patty

Top 3 proven practices you shouldn't avoid to keep infants safe in a swimming pool

Do you realize the best way to distinguish the "Musts" through the "Shoulds" for your baby pool safety equipment?

Have you ever made your checklist? Here are the actual baby-proofing goods that must be in the must-have list.

Small children lack the cognitive capacity to discern danger. It is the adults responsibility to guard these curious and impulsive explorers from entering any body of water unsupervised.

Thankfully, many proactive strategies do exist providing multiple layers of protection to help prevent a youngster "accidentally" falling in to the family pool or any body of water.

Discipline, coupled with barriers (including double door locks, door alarms, pool alarms and perimeter yard fencing), pool safety fencing, gentle swimming instruction and CPR/water safety awareness will help keep our youngsters safe.

Here (worth addressing) are 3 baby proofing stuff you "must" have to maintain your baby safe:

  • Supervision by adults in and out of the house is key. Always know where your young ones are. Around water, stay close while maintaining constant attention and don't leave a child unattended even for a second. Never assume someone else is watching your kids.
  • Barriers leading to the pool have to be installed and maintained. Capabilities of small children change day-to-day. Today they sit, tomorrow they crawl. Toddlers can slip through an unlocked door in the time it takes to respond to the phone. Door and pool alarms can alert adults of unauthorized access. In France it is mandatory to have either barriers around swimming pools or a pool cover.
  • Infant child CPR and medical certification are expected for all those parents and caregivers. Prepare a crisis plan and in the event of an accident stay calm and react with ease.

Maintain a conveyable phone through the pool and post emergency numbers including 911 (In France call 15 for medical emergencies or 18 is for the fire department.) on all phones. Keep all toys and games etc. out from the pool when not in use. Keep tricycles and wheel toys out of the pool area. It's never too soon to instruct your son or daughter pool rules.

These are the most important baby safety equipment items and methods available. Take into consideration them as a possible important investment you will make in the numerous years of growth and exploration still ahead of you.

About me: Helen T. Patty is writing for the automatic pool cleaners for inground pools blog, her personal hobby blog dedicated to strategies to assist parents to maintain babies safe in their pool.





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