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Newsletter April 2016
As the tourist season is just around the corner, I thought I'd send out a list of B&Bs and Gîtes that I have on my site. If you never have stayed in a Chambre d'hôte (B&B) or Gîte (Rental Home) in France, it's a great way to enjoy your vacation and not stay in an impersonal hotel, meet locals and eat a home cooked breakfast. It can often be cheaper than a hotel and of course the food is better!

Dr Jekell et Monsieur ? Jan and Jeff 51
In this Jan and Jeff, Jan talks about how Robert Louis Stevenson stayed for a time near where she is at for her cure and Jeff talks about seeing a Hollywood move in French.

Traffic in France May 2016
There are four holidays in the first 16 days of May, Labor Day on the 1st, Ascension on the 5th (only holiday that lets the French 'Faire le pont'), Victory in WWII on the 8th and Pentecost Monday on the 16th. In these frist 16 days is when all the traffic is. After that the month is all green.

Lily of the Valley (Muguets)
It is a tradition in France that on May 1st, May Day, people will pick wild Lily of the Valley (Muguets in French). Also, it is very common to see roadside stands or people in front of supermarkets selling Lilies of the Valley, often to gather funds for an organization.

Mademoiselle Benoir: A Novel
Tim Reinhart enters a wondrous new world the moment he buys a farmhouse in the country of France, region of Quercy, department of Lot. Or, in his marvelous words, From the moment I saw this property, I had a bead on it. I cant completely explain why, but I had an intense feeling of belonging. He has given up his teaching life in New York and begun working as the artist hes always wanted to be.

You're Back! - Jan and Jeff at 50
After a break Jan Malleval and Jeff Steiner, aka Jan and Jeff retake to Hangoutland and talk about what it's like to be Americans living in France.

Traffic in France April 2016
Here is the traffic estimation in France for April 2016. There is school vacation throughout the month making for moderate to heavy traffic on all Saturdays of the month. In total there are two days rated as Orange (moderate traffic) nationally and six regionally.

Jan and Jeff a Go Go
Two Americans talk about living in France. This week French high school.

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