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Newsletter November 2014
Photos from a week in Paris - Saturday - arrival: clandestine visit to the once Montrouge-Ceinture trail station, part of the Petite Ceinture.

Paris Scavenger Hunt
How well do you know Paris? Take this Paris 'scavenger hunt' to find out. These 10 photos are at popular and less so attractions in Paris. Most are hidden in the open at well known sites that many visit and you just need to have a good eye to find them. Good luck!

Champs de Mars
Today the Champs de Mars is best known as the home of the Eiffel Tower. But before building the Eiffel Tower started in 1887 the Champs de Mars had many other uses. The Champs de Mars was the main site of the Exposition Universelle of 1867 and 1878. Before that the Champs de Mars was used for parades and other public events.

The Shiro Project by David Khara
Reporter Branislav Poborsky is running away from a bad marriage, when he witnesses the Czech army covering up the extermination of an entire village. Saved in extremis by the gentle-giant Mossad agent Eytan Morgenstern, he is thrown into a troubling race to defuse a larger-than-life conspiracy. After Eytans mentor is kidnapped, he must join forces with his arch-rival to put an end to a mysterious group that has weapons of mass destruction. Once again, the atrocities of World War II come back to haunt the modern world.

LeFrenchMobile SIM Card
Traveling to France or Europe this summer? Save on your calls and Internet connection! American in France readers get a 5 euro voucher by using this code: USFR11. Buy your LeFrenchMobile SIM card now at LeFrenchMobile.

Fractional Ownership Uzes
Uzes is an exceptionally beautiful city thanks to its city center, one of the first in the 1960's to be classified by Andre Malraux as a 'secteur sauvegardé' or protected historical site. Funding then poured into its restoration and the center of town has a wonderful mix of medieval stone houses and later townhouses.

Glacieres de Sylans
ought the water rights from the villages of Neyrolles and Poizat and late in 1864 sold the Cafe du Paradis to work full time on his new ice business - Glacieres de Sylans. At first Moinat supplied local business via horse drawn carriage.

November 11th
November 11th is a national holiday in France. Known as Armistice 1918, this holiday is commemorated in all cities and towns and most villages with a solemn ceremony to those that died in all French wars, not just WWI.

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