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The Gluten-Free Guide to France

(Sleepy Hollow, NY) June 1, 2011
Just in time for spring travel to France, we are pleased to announce the release of The Gluten-Free Guide to France. The book offers comprehensive information about where to find gluten-free food all over France, including such venues as restaurants, hotels, B&B’s, bakeries, and health food stores. It lists over 950 venues all over France, with over 200 of these in Paris alone. Key information about each venue is presented including location, cuisine, average price, websites, and notes specific to particular venues. An extensive Gluten-Free French 101 section offers essential vocabulary for ordering and purchasing gluten-free foods in restaurants and health food stores. The venues listed in the book are those recommended by celiac travelers, Fodor's, Frommer's, Zagat’s, and www.tripadvisorcom. Each venue has been contacted and vetted to ensure a safe and enjoyable gluten-free dining experience.

"We have always recognized that the French are masterful and creative chefs. Now we can also say that they are knowledgeable about gluten intolerance and very willing to present their customers with delicious gluten-free meals." says the author, Maria Roglieri.

The book is the latest in The Gluten-Free Guide (s) series which includes The Gluten-Free Guide to Italy, The Gluten-Free Guide to New York, and The Gluten-Free Guide to Washington, D.C. Forthcoming in Fall 2011 is The Gluten-Free Guide to England. The books represent a series of travelers’ health guides to serve the needs of the large and growing gluten-intolerant community. Millions worldwide who cannot tolerate gluten due to celiac disease and wheat allergy turn to a gluten-free diet for relief of symptoms, as do many victims of autism, neuropathy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, and migraine.

The Gluten-Free Guide(s) series was created as a universally-available comprehensive resource for residents of, and travelers to, the world's major metropolitan areas and target destinations. The extensive research, organization and packaging (a single carry-along volume) will save readers a great deal of time and stress in looking for gluten-free food. The data was compiled with the help of national and local celiac support groups and activists; restaurant owners, chefs and managers; professional chefs; food scientists; health food store owners; physicians and nutritionists, and native speakers of French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

The Guides feature a comprehensive dining-out guide (by location) to gluten-free-friendly restaurants, bakeries, and health food stores. They also provide Gluten-Free 101, multi-lingual vocabulary sections to facilitate clear communication of dietary needs. These sections include a celiac self-identification statement, questions for the chef, a list of safe and unsafe ingredients, and a large dictionary of key food words and phrases, all translated into five languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French.

About the author: Maria Ann Roglieri (Columbia BA’88, Harvard MA ’89, PhD ’94) is Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures at St. Thomas Aquinas College in New York. She has gluten-intolerance and her daughter has celiac disease. For more information about The Gluten-Free Guide to France or to purchase a copy, visit For other books in the series, see

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