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NewsletterMay 2018

Americans in France - in Vienna!

Because Paris isn't the only capital in Europe worth visiting!

I started off catching up with old friends.

But there was one friend I couldn't find!

Vienna has its share of French.

And kissing couples.

I also did some house hunting, in case I wanted to start Americans in Austria.

Rapeseed in France

A visit to Vienna didn't stop me from admiring a Rapeseed field and doing a facebook live.

Mail Box

Voulez vous coucher avec NICE ? French Riviera: We are two French pro guides. We are starting a youtube channel about discovering France. Each video will be about either cities, cultural heritage, castles, caves etc.. It 's all in English. Our first video is about Nice.
The Repatriation and GILTI Taxes for Tax Professionals: This seminar, intended for U.S. and French tax professionals and Americans living in France who have interests in French Companies.
North American Expat Financial Forum: Seven international speakers are coming together for this very special event in Paris, France!...Take just a few hours of your time from 4 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30th, in the luxury of the meeting rooms at the historic Chez Jenny to learn all you need to know about planning for a successful financial future.
Voila French Immersion: French lessons by Skype. Where you want, when you want!
Clara Saves America: An internationally unknown French stand up comedian, brings her show to Paris on June 23rd (in English) and June 22nd (in French).


I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do): Living in a Small Village in Brittany: Tired of Provence in books, cuisine, and tablecloths? Exhausted from your armchair travels to Paris? Despairing of ever finding a place that speaks to you beyond reason? You are ripe for a journey to Brittany, where author Mark Greenside reluctantly travels, eats of the crêpes, and finds a second life.
My Grape Paris (The Grape Series Book 2): My Grape Paris takes fans of Laura Bradbury’s Grape Series to the captivating world of Paris, where Laura has managed to organize an exchange year at the Sorbonne. Franck accompanies her, delighted to return to his native France. Over afternoons napping in an ancient Roman amphitheater and nights gallivanting around the Louvre, Laura dreams of becoming a sophisticated Parisian woman.
Lieutenant Schreiber's Country: The Story of a Forgotten Hero: Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber enlisted in the French army at the outset of World War II and quickly rose to the rank of lieutenant. Despite his patriotism and courage in defending his country, in which he narrowly escaped death several times, he suffered the bigotry of his fellow soldiers until he was expelled from the army for being Jewish. He sought exile in Spain and was deported and interned in a concentration camp before he managed to join the Allied army in North Africa. He eventually participated in the triumphant liberation of his homeland.






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