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NewsletterFebruary 2018

Annecy by Night & Day

Canal du Vassé

Lac d'Annecy

La Vieille Ville - Old Annecy

Le Pâquier

Jura & Alps

Clouds over the Arve Valley with the Jura Mountains in the distance.

Alps & sky.

Getting Close

With taxes that is. If you want to get the jump on your tax filing. I work with American accountants, Barron Harper and Taxes for Expats LLP.

Fête de la Chandeleur

Remember that February 2nd is Fête de la Chandeleur and that means making Crêpes.

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Le French Book is at it again with Minced, Marinated and Murdered is the first in the series. A routine assignment in Lyon, France's traditional capital of gourmet food, turns bitter for food writer Laure Grenadier when a beloved chef is found murdered. A wave of panic follows with a second death, and Laure sets out to find the truth. As she reviews the city's traditional bistros, interviews the town's best chefs and local food producers, and shares stories and culinary lore with her photographer Paco Alvarez, she uncovers secrets and rivalries. But will she find the murderer before the city loses more of its master chefs? It comes out on February 20th.
In addition, starting at the end of January and running through February 20th, Le French Book is doing a special giveaway for anyone who pre-orders Minced, Marinated and Murdered, which is set in Lyon. The authors wrote a short guide of places to eat in Lyon and a little book of traditional recipes straight from their kitchen.
ASTTRAL Insurance Brokers: Asttral has developed an experienced English speaking team focused on advising and arranging the most suitable Insurance policies for the Ex-pat community in France. Importantly, the team has developed a keen understanding of many clients concerns.
4-day French in Action Immersion Retreat Friday, 27 April - Tuesday 1 May, 2018: Are you looking for a new experience to help you get to that next level in French you've been striving for? Come join Jane Fabulet-Roberts and Dr. Caroline Purkhardt for a French in Action Immersion Retreat at a breathtaking location in the French Alps where rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirt will serve as a unique and effective learning tool. Come away feeling calm and inspired about life in general, including a newly found confidence in your French communication style.
Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at: +33 (0) 4 76 80 06 77






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