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Daily LifeFinding a job in France

For an expat, finding a job in France is not easy. The French job market, in general, is in the dumps (January 2014). The unemployment rate is over 10%.

Language, of course, can be a big hurdle to finding a job in France. Most employers will not hire someone who speaks broken French or French with a heavy accent. Presentation counts, and how you speak is part of your presentation, just one more thing working against you.

In general, French employers are conservative and are reluctant to hire anyone 'outside the box,' like an expat. Most are very particular about whom they hire, searching for just the right person. The French, in general, are conservative in their business culture, and so companies that do aggressive hiring are rare.

In some respects, looking for work in France is like looking for work in most other countries; all newspapers have job want ads and there are a load of Internet sites (see below). Also, networking is very important, something that can make finding a job for an expat hard. Always ask anyone you know if they can help; networking like this is very common in France. By some estimates half of all job openings are not advertised but are found by word of mouth.

There are, of course, some jobs that are made for an expat, language teaching, for example. But even there I am not sure if jobs are as readily available as one might think, as most language schools expect their teachers to have excellent grammar skills. Some require some sort of certificate, TEFL for example

Links to French job sites - - Emploi pour tous Trouvez un emploi ou stage dans l'artisanat - 100% gratuit et sans publicité
Jobted Recherche d'emploi en France. Toutes les offres des sites de recrutement, agence de travail et entreprises. Recherchez gratuitement! Jobted
Trovit Emploi Employment search engine for France.
Jobs in France - in English Hundreds of great job opportunities for foreign professionals at France's top employers - in cooperation with Monster, Experteer, Stepstone, and CareerBuilder.
Emplois Verts French green jobs website. Emplois Verts Employment search engine for France. optioncarriere
Pole Emploi French employment agency web site, in French. Recherche d'offres d'emploi
APEC French employment agency for managers web site, in French. - Portail - Recrutement et offres d'emploi cadres
Cadres Online French job finding site for managers. Cadres Online : le site emploi des cadres
Monster France French edition web site. Offres d'emploi et recrutement -
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