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AttractionsPérouges France

Sitting on a hill overlooking the Ain plane is the medieval village of Pérouges. Should you be spending a few days in the Lyon region give serious thought to visiting this medieval village complete with fortress walls, original village gates and fortress-church. Don’t let its fortifications put you off; they might have been able to stop the King of France in 1468 but today Pérouges is an inviting village worth a day visit or an overnight stay for the adventurous.

A walk along its cobble stone streets gives you the sensation of what it must have been like to live in the Middle Ages. Not only is Pérouges true to its past i.e. well preserved (all power lines lie underground and all the buildings in the medieval village are in the style of the Middle Ages) they are also true to the its present i.e. tourist friendly, a number of shops sell local specialties – including a thin sugar like pancake know as a Galette du sucre or Galette de Pérouges.

Pérouges not only stimulates your eyes but also your nose and taste buds as the village is home to a number of restaurants and bakeries. A walk down any of its winding narrow streets will offer your nose the smell of baking bread or other goodies and a stop in any of its restaurants will please your taste buds.

The village’s main square - Place du Tilleul is surrounded by well-preserved houses, many from the Middle Ages with a tree planted in the center during the French revolution.

Not only is Pérouges unique in its beauty but its history also, it has never been under the direct rule of a lord. Its citizens were craftsmen, merchants and farmers who enjoyed autonomy as early as the 13th century. In the 17th century Pérouges came under the rule of the King of France after being part of the Dauphiné and Savoy.

Pérouges is about 25 miles northeast of Lyon off the N84 highway or A42 Autoroute – Exit 7 Pérouges. The nearest train station is in Meximieux about a 20-minute up hill walk to Pérouges.

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